Orlando Lighting Rental Services

At AV-AMERICA, we fully comprehend the importance and power of lighting for all types of events, and we deliver the ‘wow’ factor. As a commercial lighting company with extensive knowledge of event lighting rentals in Orlando, we understand how to use technology appropriately to highlight an event and create the right impact. Our services include lighting rental equipment, stage lighting rentals and various other event lighting services in Orlando.

We match the needs of a wide range of customers from small businesses to large organizations. A common desire that all of them share is that they need results without worrying about how it all comes together. We manage every aspect of your event, so you don’t have to think twice. Our process starts with understanding each client, their messaging, goals and most important the event audience. This helps us deliver the right services for you and showcase stunning Orlando event lighting. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable staff is equipped to handle every project from the simplest to the most complex and we value all our customer needs with the same detail, flexibility and focus.

Event Lighting Rentals In Orlando

A key attribute of corporate event lighting is to direct the attention of your audience to the message at hand. During any event large or small, there are several distractions competing with each other for the attention of your audience. The best way to ensure there is proper lighting in the right place and at the right time is by running thorough rehearsals prior to the live event. This also applies to virtual events which highlight multiple presentations, speakers, panelists, forums and more.

Effective lighting control can also be used to draw the attention of your audience selectively to a speaker, color, object or image as opposed to general lighting where the focus is spread across multiple aspects of the event. When your audience follows yours lead, they become more comfortable, more engaged and receptive to your messaging and event objectives. Selective lighting also helps the audience experience what they are expected to experience in the order and progression intended.

Decorative Lighting

General illumination is built into most venues. Overhead lighting helps but it is with corporate event lighting services tailored to your specific needs, that we can truly enhance the event experience. As your AV partner we create a memorable experience for your attendees. Your event can have a chosen color and the theme can be augmented through appropriate lighting.

Picture lighting up a wall or any display with custom LED lights, which can highlight your brand, graphics, presentations, videos and more. With the price of LEDs becoming more and more affordable, battery operated LEDs can be effectively deployed to give a cleaner look while saving cabling and power costs that apply to traditional lighting. We offer custom LED video walls of up to 40 feet, that’s right we are able to scale up like no other Orlando commercial lighting company!

Lighting Rentals In Orlando

We always focus on delivering the most engaging lighting technology for the best functional and visual use of stage lighting, LED lighting, LED uplighting as well as intelligent and moving fixtures. Together, this will transform your event experience from being successful to extraordinary. Our team brings over 25 years of expertise in live event video production and is continuously learning about new technology impacting both event planning and implementation, which ensures we meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our corporate event lighting rental technologies include:

  • Corporate industrial lighting and Theatrical lighting
  • Intelligent and moving fixtures
  • Television broadcast
  • LED lighting
  • Stage lighting
  • LED Uplighting
  • Lighting consoles

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