webcasting services

A Closer Look Into Webcasting

Webcasting, web conferencing, webinars, and virtual events are some of the common terms that are frequently used, especially during the pandemic. While most terms are used interchangeably, it is important…


Audio services for events

Event Audio Services

It’s said that sound engineers only come to the limelight during an event when audio systems misbehave. That means they are better off behind the scenes. But to really remain…


live event lighting

Lighting For Live Events

Creating an artistic event that truly awakens the soul requires nothing short of well-designed strategies coupled with the right tools. This is especially true in lighting, which creates a majestic…


Staging and set design is a fundamental

Stage Design for Events

Staging and set design is a fundamental consideration for all Audio Visual productions. It allows you to transform your ordinary auditorium, conference hall, or any other venue into an inviting…


benefits of hybrid events

Hidden Benefits Of Hybrid Events

The most common advantages of hybrid events include increased information gathering, immersive learning, low cost, larger reach, flexibility and time savings; to name a few. We did a deep dive and wanted…